Keluarga Alumni LSPR (KAMI LSPR) is an umbrella for LSPR Alumni from all batches. This association is  a group of academic person who has been equipped with education and science and has a responsibility to play an active, critical and polite role in the spirit and determination to realize national and nations development so that a just and prosperous society is created and established, up to this date LSPR has more than 20,000 Alumni and will continue to grow bigger and stronger.

The goal of KAMI LSPR is to support LSPR’s mission to prepare world citizens through global education, KAMI LSPR will serve LSPR through the support and engagement of our fellow alumni, we seek to enhance the value of LSPR degrees by being positive role models, and we strive to project and promote a positive image of LSPR Communication & Business Institute to its stakeholders and for the nation and the world. 

Given the large number of alumni both in terms of quantity and quality, certainly, a variety of positive potentials can be developed through a strong link between alumni, including the contribution of ideas for natural progress. In addition to contributing to the alma mater, of course through active communication between alumni will create a mutually beneficial networking potential for the alumni themselves.

So this period of Mr. Taufan Teguh Akbari, Ph.D as a President of KAMI LSPR 2019-2021 we bring the theme “It’s TIME TO RECONNECT” it means is the time to provide opportunities to connect with their Alma Mater, with their classmates, with the faculty and to go back home to their campus where students spent some of their most memorable days.


KAMI LSPR will hold an alumni gathering highlighting an existing and new program, namely:

1. LSPR Alumni Excellence Awards
2. KAMI LSPR Webinar Series
3. KAMI Magazine
4. KAMI Website 
5. KAMI LSPR Card & Application


KAMI LSPR does not have to be on campus to leave a lasting footprint at LSPR. Whether you are right here in Indonesia or across the globe, we invite alumni from around the world to be part of LSPR Alumni Family



Board of KAMI LSPR Committee

1. President                                                  :   Taufan Teguh Akbari., Ph.D
2. Vice President I                                        :   Dendy Muris
3. Vice President II                                       :   Zhafran Tsany Yudhizon
4. General Secretary                                    :   Muhammad Rafly
5. Vice General Secretary                            :   Tesalonika Pesta Sinaga
6. Treasurer                                                  :   Febrina Ramadyanti
7. Director of Communication & Publication :   Emilya Setyaningtyas
8. Director of Training & Career Guidance   :   Candy Hernandez Tolosa
9. Director of Digital Platform                       :   Endang Purnomo
10. Director of Multimedia Management      :   Andreas Humala
11. Director of Event & Activities                  :   Mayke Angelica


Member of Board of KAMI LSPR Committee

1. Adhitya R Sulaeman
2. Ahmad Hamudi Assegaf
3. Alline Setyana
4. Angkie Yudistia
5. Anindya Puspa S
6. Aprida Sihombing
7. Balques Manisang
8. Cynthia Keliat
9. Fathie Busyra
10. Greta Mulyo Santoso
11. Henry Putrajaya
12. Isbat Nafiendra
13. Jessica Anrina
14. Karina Syahna
15. Melvin Bonardo
16. Muhammad Wildan Adnan
17. Nadine Samala
18. Ninis Marhaenis
19. Nurdin Gustaf
20. Raynaldi Samuel Valentino
21. Rezza Martadinata
22. Ricky Fachri
23. Rian Rosadi
24. Yoseph Wahyu Kurniawan